A Creative Mom, A Determined Daughter, a Loyal Golden Retriever and oh yes.. a magnet!

My mom and I love interior design but for us, interior design was changed forever when my mom invented (and patented) magnetic chandelier crystals and magnetic ornaments.  These tools have allowed us to customize and makeover lighting fixtures and other home decor accents in ways that we never thought possible.  With the inclusion of MagTrims® into our decorating tool chest, we have been able to update interiors in simple ways that do not involve major home renovations. The Bedazzled Home blog details our adventures in transforming lighting fixtures and living spaces utilizing magnetic chandelier crystals and ornaments.


Colleen….  or “the mini tornado” as she has been nicknamed by friends and family, embodies what it means to be creative, innovative, and persistent. She is also the most kind and giving person that I know.  Back in 2006,       ( wow that seems like a long time ago), Colleen purchased a gorgeous, five arm, “farmhouse” style chandelier for her new home.  Farmhouse fixtures are typically sleek and “clean” in their design and usually lack embellishments such as crystals.  But even more importantly, they lack pre-drilled holes through which crystal can be hung. Unfortunately, after getting the fixture home and hung perfectly above her dining room table, Mom quickly realized that the fixture needed a little “pizazz.” An interior designer by trade, Colleen concluded that she needed to somehow add a few crystals to her fixture ( her crystal of choice was Swarovski®) in order to give it the minor “facelift’ it needed.  But, like most things in life, simply adding crystals to her fixture turned out to be quite a challenge.

Not wanting to use unsightly ribbon or wire to secure her newly purchased crystals to her fixture, Colleen decided that there had to be a better solution somewhere on the market.  She scoured lighting stores across the globe and, after months of research, realized that she was going to have to take matters into her own hands.   Mom determined that a magnet was the tool needed in order to secure her crystals onto her iron lighting fixture. But not just any magnet would do. Refrigerator magnets were too weak and industrial magnets were to strong.  After working with various magnet manufacturers across the globe, Mom was able to create a unique, single-unit magnet design from a material known as neodymium.  This beveled magnet was specifically developed to “blend in” with the surface of a chandelier.  She attached the magnet to her favorite crystal design andMagTrim® technology was officially born. Mom eventually created 4 different magnet sizes that would support the weight of very large and heavy crystals as well as standard sized glass and crystal ornaments. 


So where do I fit into this crazy story anyway? I am definitely not as creative as my mother, but somehow I managed to help my mom turn her problem-solving invention into a patented product that creative DIY’ers like yourself can utilize and enjoy.  I love coastal style ( I am a CA girl through and through) and I especially love being able to easily integrate instant sparkle into my beach-themed home decor.  As the current CEO of MagTrim Designs,  I continue to work with a wonderful team of designers and innovators to develop unique magnetic ornament and magnetic chandelier crystal designs. Being able to work with my mom is a dream come true as we both share a passion for interior design and DIY decorating. My “free time” is spent ultra-distance cycling ( riding a bicycle, unsupported, thousands of miles across countries throughout the world) in order to bring awareness to the environmental and humanitarian issues that plague our planet today.  Blog link available upon request.



Just look at this precious girl! Enough said. Josie is now 14 years old and still warming our hearts! She still loves long walks on the beach and loves to give kisses to anyone she meets.  We secretly believe that she thinks she is a human and so we treat her like royalty 🙂

Now let’s get creative!!

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