Bedazzle Spring Flower Baskets on a Budget!

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Spring is my favorite time of year.  The colors of yellow, green, orange, and purple are the perfect remedy for the winter white “dreariness” that has been so pervasive for the past few months.  It is also the time of year where we dust off the ‘ole hanging flower baskets and fill them with floral cheer.  What I love so much about most floral baskets is that they are metal!  Metal means that they can be INSTANTLY dressed up with magnetic crystals and magnetic ornaments.

When I found this wonderful yet somewhat boring hanging flower basket at Home Goods, I knew that it had the potential to be something marvelous!

Drab Flower Basket Before Embellishing

Once at home, I picked a few of our wild daisies and some loose samples of my magnetic Light Charms®, and went to work.  Well, I really should not call it work.  The entire decorating process took less than 6 minutes! Keep in mind that Light Charms® crystals and ornaments feature a magnetic tip so when they are touched to metal they instantly stick!  Yes it really is that easy!


My resulting, newly embellished flower basket took less than five minutes to create and was truly quite stunning. I loved being able to add the magnetic vases!  I tried a few variations before I settled on the design featuring the teak tear drops hanging from magnetic garland.


Light Charms® featured on this flower basket:

This flower basket was a breeze to create was inexpensive to transform.  You can view additional Light Charm crystal and ornament designs at or simply click the image below.  Until the next post… Keep inspiring!

Light Charms Magnetic Crystal
Light Charms Magnetic Crystal

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